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[SW: 262lbs LW: 177lbs] -85lbs down

I always seem to go on Tumblr when I’m down or negative.

It’s great for venting.

So I wanted to thank you guys for sticking by me.

I had a horrible episode tonight, but John was right there for me. He knew something was bothering me even if I wasn’t upfront about it at first. He stopped me from relapsing. We talked on FB for a bit and then he called me. Oh gosh.

I hope you guys meet someone who’s as wonderful for you as John is for me or you just live wonderful, wonderful lives. 

Depressed and dangerous to incredibly happy… how does that even happen?

But it did. And I’m damn grateful for it.

Posted: Tue February 19
personal dating thanks so much guys it means so much
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  1. redlippedwraithofrohan said: I am so incredibly grateful that he is in your life and giving you the love and care that I personally can’t (though obviously in a much less platonic way than I would) (or IS it) (*wink*)
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