a girl chasing after life--

the next step

the next breath

the next adventure

[SW: 262lbs LW: 177lbs] -85lbs down



Some ducks because you are sad

thank you they are adorable you’re fab uwu



Falling asleep next to someone you love is such an indescribable feeling. Just drifting off together, have those random middle of the night conversations. Watching them doze off next to you, feeling their warm breath as they exhale, falling asleep to the sound of their heartbeat. You feel like you wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world. And you just lay there and think, “I love you”.

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i just want a boy to see me and go “yes” and keep thinking “yes” for a very long time

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When I asked male interview subjects what they would like to do in bed, “ejaculation on a woman’s face” was most often at the top of their lists. But when I asked them what the attraction of this act was and whether it meant anything, their initial response was puzzlement. They had never given it much thought. With time for reflection, however, most came up with answers very similar to those of the pornographers I interviewed: it is about controlling women, doing something disgusting to them. It’s like spitting or urinating on them.

Thus something unsettling about gender relationships mediated by pornography is revealed: on-screen male domination is sugar-coated — portrayed as causing women ecstasy — which in turn arouses further desire on the part of the male viewers: the desire to experience the pleasure derived from control and aggression. And deep down, these viewers understand it. “The second you have an orgasm and that passion sinks out of your body, and you’re still watching the movie, you start to really see what’s going on,” one male college student said. “This is not sexy. This is not sex. This is not how I want to experience sex.”

Chyng Sun, co-director of The Price of Pleasure (via radicalfeministuprising)

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"Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to."

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"it’s a competition none of us agreed to"  I want to give the author of this quote the hardest dap ever. 

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"A girl and her bed on Sundays are an endless love affair." note to self (via c0ntemplations)


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Puppy’s First Hike

I climbed this rock
This my rock
"I wanted to be your first love just as much as I wanted to be your last, and that fucked me up more than anything." No Man’s Land (k.p.k)

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